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We're Thrilled to share with you our Beer, Gin and Steak societies.

Côte de Boeuf
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Côte de Boeuf October

Dine in style this Autumn with our premium steak cut of côte de boeuf. Carefully selected from quality assured British farmlands where the cattle is grass fed, this well-marbled 340G cut provides a naturally tender steak with outstanding flavour. Only £32.
Cast Iron Pale Ale
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Cast Iron Pale Ale October

Draw out the last of the Autumn sunshine with a delicious can of our very own Cast Iron Hazy Pale Ale. £3.50 a can.
6 O'clock Gin
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Opihr Gin October

Made using hand-picked botanicals that capture the spices of the Orient. A distinctively flavoured gin made perfect with a tonic. £5 offer runs daily between 5-7pm.
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